LinuxBSM( was a project originally started by Jeremy Banford and Daniel Holmlund from the University of California at Davis, and (I think) was announced on freshmeat in late 2000.
In summer 2001, I had to implement a similar 'tool' and after a while I decided to drop my own codebase in favor of LinuxBSM. Finally, I forked off a new project -  LinuxBSM-2.
Please note that LinuxBSM-2 was totally rewritten and shares almost nothing of the original code with LinuxBSM. Due to previous arrangements with Jeremy, it will be released under the BSD license (the same as LinuxBSM).

Linuxbsm-2 definitely needs more work but it should already be reasonably stable and ready for more general use. The code contains a lot of comments, so volunteers shouldn't have any trouble getting the grip (there's also the "Starter's guide" - see Docs). Oh yes, and don't forget to send me patches ;p

LinuxBSM-2 supports 2.2 and 2.4 kernels.

    available from

    available from

Jeremy Banford, Daniel Holmlund - original LinuxBSM
Nenad Ocelic - code generator, numerous valuable suggestions

LSM project -

davor ocelic,